fedora 20 review

Heisenbug is finally released and in memory of Seth Vidal. A great loss to fedora and the opensource community. His work on yum especially.

Downloaded it the first chance i got.

This time i flipped back to gnome. I just missed the crisp clean gnome look and navigation.

I am a simple creature 😀

Screenshot from 2013-12-18 11:20:00

Setup is clean and no issues or bugs with anaconda.

Btrfs is an option in the setup. I’ll stick to ext4 for now but for the more daring among you have fun.

Couldn’t get chromium repo to work so just installed google-chrome this time.

Everything else works fine though. speed is amazing and preferable to kde.

Good to see a few of the latest programs as well eg. xbmc gotham (rpm fusion repo).

The bijiben note viewer is simple and powerful to use. Weird name though 😀


yum install heisenbug-backgrounds-extras-gnome.noarch

for extra beautiful wallpapers. I like the selection this time round.

a few extensions you can look at for the gnome shell are (assuming you’ve installed gnome-tweak tool):

yum install gnome-tweak-tool

netspeed: which shows you your download/upload speed on the top right—see screenshot

window overlay icons — this attaches icons to open programs when in overview mode

have fun. feel free to ask  for assistance if any.


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