kde connect on fedora 19/20

now kde connect is nifty little tool to integrate your android phone with your KDE desktop.

It has a two part installation.

One you download from the android play store

and the second you have to install on your desktop. This is the tricky bit. Fumbled a bit here with libraries but managed to get through it.

this bit needs a few libraries installed:

yum install gcc-c++ cmake kdebase-workspace-devel git qjson-devel qca2-develĀ Ā 

git clone git://anongit.kde.org/kdeconnect-kde

cd kdeconnect-kde/



make install

##then as non root user ###

qdbus org.kde.kded /kded loadModule kdeconnect

kbuildsycoca4 -noincremental

Kudos to the developer Albert Vaka

it’s still under development so am hoping for more features in future but for what it gives currently I am very much impressed.

Media player control is seamless and a welcome feature.

Would love to see notifications for sms in future though.

Here’s some screenshots of what to expect.

batter status

incoming calls

notifications for any missed calls



still works on fedora 20 with same instructions

if not connecting ensure firewall is not killing connection

# systemctl stop firewalld.service

# systemctl disable firewalld.service

give it a reboot and you should be good.

Screenshot from 2014-03-20 16:00:01


14 thoughts on “kde connect on fedora 19/20

  1. Hi this looks great, thanks for the instructions but I get No package for kdebase-workstation-dev or libqjson-dev available on Fedora 19 any ideas? J

  2. I wasn’t able to get this working on my machine nor was my friend on his Fedora PC. All we see is two blank/empty windows. Any libraries missing in this tutorial? I would love to get it working

    1. I doubt anything is missing in terms of libraries.
      What version of fedora are you running?
      Two blank empty windows means you managed to install it right?
      Does the android app see it and connect to it?

  3. Both installs of KDEConnect were done on Fedora 19. The Android app can’t see our PC’s because there’s nothing do to in the KDEConnect window.

  4. hmmm. kde connect runs on wifi. you using it on wifi right?
    also if all else fails try disabling the firewall and testing connectivity just to make sure it’s not the one blocking the app.

    1. okay. currently not running kde so won’t be able to test this out. But if memory serves me right you should use the app to connect to your computer first. Then all else follows. Try adding your computer as a device on the app first & make sure they’re both connected to the same wifi network.

      1. hi guys,

        as I said earlier check whether your firewall is affecting connectivity.

        # systemctl stop firewalld.service
        # systemctl disable firewalld.service

        then from the android app just refresh the list and click on the name of your device ie the hostname.

      2. Wow, well that actually seemed to be the issue. I remember you had to add it from KDE Connect on the desktop rather than your phone in the past. How can I configure my firewall to not affect KDE Connect?

      3. hey,
        you’ll need to get the port that it’s using then add an exception to the firewall configuration.

        will post when i do fix it. If you get around to it before I do just write it in the comments šŸ˜€

  5. another simple alternative is to add your home network as an exception in the firewall configuration. That’s how I get my android xbmc remote to work.

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