kde or gnome

yeah this is the most evil option anyone has to make on a linux distro: what DE you’re going to use.

for me it boils down to just two having played around with so many and a bit of a leaning towards the pantheon desktop at some point.

and that of course icludes a lot of distro hopping just to try out the distro that seems to best support your DE. eg.

linux mint —> cinnamon

fuduntu —-> gnome 2 (so sad they had to close shop)

elementary —> pantheon

suse —–> KDE

arch linux —-> just to try out all the desktops | in a way arch will help you slow down the distro hopping coz everything is available and if not officially supported it’ll be in the AUR.

** will do a post on my wild journeys distro hopping 😀 one for each distro including my likes and dislikes and how i always end up on fedora.

for now am back to KDE having left when they went from 3-4 so that should count for like 4years or so.

to be quite honest am very much impressed at how far it has come since the dark dark times.

gnome wasn’t quite hacking it for me. eg. switching between full screen and windowed mode on xbmc always crashes gnome+xbmc on my laptop. very annoying for me other people seem not to mind.

plus i have always believed in customization. so gnome isn’t really going down a good road for me currently.

over the years KDE has always looked good but the one thing that always got me when i would try it was the amazing number of crashes i would get with every click. bug this bug that just isn’t how i like to use my OS.

so to install the KDE spin for fedora and have absolutely no crashes till now is amazing.

even gnome wasn’t doing so well in the crashes department.

in a nutshell KDE is just beautiful right now. amazing work and amazing where they’re going with it. now. here’s to hoping they don’t screw it up again.

looking good
looking good
amazing how far KDE has come

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